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The New World Order: They control the world’s governments; THEY rule over all of us from the top of the pyramid. While WE suffer at the bottom. Right? Today we blow open the truth about the NWO in order to shed light on this widespread conspiracy which has frequently been invoked to explain the state of our world.

  • Angele Ortega (1) December 29, 2014

    loved it.. Great that I could hear the words s so many times the words seem to run together and I cant understand what was said.. It is true, it is up to us as we wake up
    I sure hope this young ‘aware’ energy keeps the pressure on the old corporate so we can use it as compost to grow a better world.

  • Jannis “Yogkurt” de Reu. (45) December 29, 2014

    Rap news, soooooooooooo goooddddddd.