Honest Communication: School of Life

In many contexts, we try almost anything to avoid saying how we truly feel – or what we honestly want. The chances of being able to express ourselves without terrible danger seem too small. We should, of course, more often take a risk.

  • Dhyan (37) September 9, 2015

    We run away from ugly , we avoid so much in general you love someone, and if she/he cheats, you’re pissed. Where is the love? We don’t make a lot of eye contact. This society needs a reset :-)

  • martouk (66) September 10, 2015

    The ego can’t face the truth, it wants its illusions validated and it can’t stand the idea of rejections. The ego is inherently insecure, and because of that, it can neither be relied on to tell the truth or listen to the truth,

  • moonbeamsunflower (0) September 23, 2015

    I think all these are valid points on not only problems with communication but also in a lot of other areas in our lives. However, I do not see honesty as a virtue in this society. I think that most people act and behave in ways that conceal who they truly are and what they truly think. I have embraced an honest lifestyle in my early twenties and it is something that makes me different than most people. There has been very few that say they are honest and actually are. They use different words for it if its even spoken of at all, such as etiquette, tact, white or harmless fibs, ect. People seem to strive more at fitting in or being accepted than at being themselves. We are scared of being ridiculed or someone being angry or hurting someones feelings. All seemingly for the other person. Thats just my honest opinion tho!!

    • martouk (66) September 23, 2015

      What you describe are all aspects of the ego in everyone. It is the ego that abuses our emotions to generate these feelings. One day people will figure this out and the world will change, but not so long as the ego rules our consciousness.