I Guess You’ll Do

http://www.youtube.com/manintheboxshow A comical, cynical cartoon about marriage.

  • Cody (472) August 2, 2012

    sent chills through my spine

  • Martin Gutsch (3) August 2, 2012

    As far as I’ve noticed, that seems to be the case of too many destinies today. But what is the point that the movie is making? Is it to break down mainstream life to an easily comprehendable timeframe, is it to give a horrifying example of what could be, or is it to give one motivation to do something with their life? I’d like to get some more pointers from this video.

  • eliyah (0) November 5, 2013

    wait wait with the drill bro! I feel like the point is made, better than by telling you – you should do this (Martin). This is what your life can be, but you can experience it totally different. One can present ANYthing in this world just in that manner (like the video). It’s not about what you will do (you can go see other countries, try even to get enlightened, do crazy stuff and in the end loose meaning and do the drill), rather then how. Whether you have the real desire. peace