Indee’s Aya Journeys: My Ego Death experience

Welcome to Indee’s Aya Journeys! This is the tenth video of a series I have made, in which I describe my experiences with Ayahuasca and how they have helped me heal and awaken spiritually. In this video I talk about my first ego death with Ayahuasca.

  • IndeeKaur (25) March 1, 2015

    I wished to share this video I made this morning as one the most beautiful things about Ayahuasca for me has been that it enabled me to Experience spiritual truths. I no longer had to ‘believe’ in an idea in my head; she enabled me to Know it as True by showing me. In my ninth ceremony I ‘died’ and had the experience of being God, the most ecstatic, orgasmic, overwhelmingly pleasurable experience of my life. Absolutely stunning. I no longer fear death and know I am here to live joyfully, now, for where I will go after will be wonderful too! There is no fear in death, only love. This was my experience and everyone’s experience will be different but I felt called to share my story with the world to show people that Ayahuasca can be gentle, loving, life-transforming and maybe just one of the best things you will ever do! Peace. Blessings. Hugs. Indee xXx

    • aTrueBeliever (2) March 2, 2015

      Just seeing the joy in your face whilst telling this story brought me happiness. I haven’t had the pleasure of trying ayahuasca yet, but stories like yours make me confident that when I finally do try it, the experience will be amazing. Also, I don’t mean to be inappropriate, but you have a crazy beautiful smile! I wish I had the opportunity to meet you so I could listen to more stories look at that smile! Lol…

      • IndeeKaur (25) March 3, 2015

        Wow! Thank you :-)

        I’m glad the video brought you joy and inspired you… That’s wonderful.

        As for the smile I owe that one to my mother ;)

        Thank you once again, your comment brought another smile to my face!

        Love. Indee xxx

  • IndeeKaur (25) March 1, 2015

    Thanks again for posting! :) so much love xxx

  • ShinyBug (1) March 2, 2015

    Very very nice video and expression of the experience. I commented it on youtube, Have a nice day :) a hug.

    • IndeeKaur (25) March 3, 2015

      Hey Shinybug! Thank you – I’ll check it out :) a huge squeeze coming back your way. Indee xxx

  • Tone Tone (71) March 2, 2015

    Truly amazing and exactly the information I’m interested in. Sorry for calling the version of you that was in your unhappy state “broken” on that other video. I didn’t mean anything by it except to use your past as a benchmark for how far you’ve come. This video was perfect, keep them and all your self-promotion coming ;)

    • IndeeKaur (25) March 3, 2015

      Hey! No worries hahaha… I just think that we need to be careful when labelling people, “broken” suggests never able to be fixed…

      Or maybe it was never broken but all perfection :)

      But yes you’re right I have come a very very long way!!! Thanks and blessed by these medicinal plants…

      Thank you for the lovely comment, I will! :) I love to share my story just because its fun… Nothing to gain other than when I see others inspired that brings me joy.

      So much love

      Indee xxx