Memetic Complexity – Are Ideas Alive?

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  • martouk (66) September 6, 2015

    The most infectious meme in human consciousness is the ego program itself. Everything in our perceptual world is designed to capture the interest of and gratify the ego, which is nothing more than a hacker meme program on human consciousness. The ego meme has become so powerful that it is highly adaptive, like any computer virus, that it has taken over the mind of every human on the planet.

    • A Hughman (85) September 6, 2015

      That’s a fabulous thought. Thank you.

      • martouk (66) September 7, 2015

        I you are interested in understanding the concept in depth I highly recommend reading Willful Evolution by Endall Beall. If you do that and can see the concept, then I highly recommend reading The Evolution of Consciousness series of books by the same author. There is nothing like them in the marketplace today. The books are in a class all their own.