Memetic Super-Sytems : Gods Among Us

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  • martouk (66) September 13, 2015

    Consciousness is not simply the gathering of inventories of information and considering it knowledge. What our society generally considers to be knowledge is a practice of memorizing and parroting presumed facts. This is the system of peer review and the basis of every cultural, political and religious structure on the planet, i.e. spouting presumed ‘facts’ because someone presumed to be a higher authority says so.

    The ego program is probably the most pernicious meme ever created. It is highly adaptive, infinitely deceptive and it is governed through the programmed parameters of self-survival. As a meme, it is a mimic of consciousness, a fraud and con artist and every human is infected with this memetic virus. The viral meme of the ego is so powerful in its self-protectiveness that it will destroy anyone who challenges it through any means possible – scorn, ridicule, shame and even killing any messenger that threatens its memetic stronghold. Its environment is maintained by every generation being indoctrinated into its memetic worldview from generation to generation. We all become infected with the virus starting the day we are born and as our cultures hammer their individual cultural ego beliefs into our consciousness. Once our consciousness has been indoctrinationally convinced that what we have been told is the only view of reality there is, our consciousness is then ensnared and controlled by the ego meme and, if we have children, we subsequently indoctrinate them into the same system through memetic perpetuation and the meme continues to reproduce itself from generation to generation. This is the foundation of global consciousness in which we all currently live.