MUSE / EXOGENESIS PART 3 (REDEMPTION) 鉄拳「振り子」ver. (Official)

あの感動が世界に。YouTubeで300万回再生を記録している話題のパラパラアニメ、鉄拳の代表作「振り子」がミューズ公認のビデオクリップに! 90秒の描きおろし映像を追加したディレクターズ・カットを世界に向け配信!! The Flip Animation “FURIKO (The Pendulum)” by TEKKEN is now available as an official music video for Muse / EXOGENESIS PART 3 (REDEMPTION)! This Directors Cut Version has 90 sec. of new additional drawings added to the previous version that gained more than 3 million views on YOUTUBE!

  • PeaceRiot (178) April 22, 2013

    I love MUSE. This video went perfectly with the song.

  • MPHill (775) April 23, 2013

    ahh man… i cried a lot… this is really special.