Rupert Sheldrake – The Science Delusion BANNED TED TALK

Re-uploaded as TED have decided to censor Rupert and remove this video from the TEDx youtube channel. Follow this link for TED’s statement on the matter and Dr. Sheldrake’s response: // If anyone would like to prepare a transcript or caption file in any language so non-English speakers or the deaf and hard of hearing can enjoy this talk, please do so and I will be happy to upload it.

  • alruble (14) April 11, 2013

    *Hears the timbre of this guy’s voice*

    Sounds Legit.

  • CosmicD (79) April 13, 2013

    I’ve often considered the possibility of ‘intellectual phase locking’.
    I agree with the speaker, science is becoming dogmatic.

  • DeWanderingSage (51) April 22, 2013

    This talk has me kind of excited. Like, what’s really possible? What are we really capable of?