Russell Brand – The only thing that matters to any of us is Love

What a privilege it was to edit the words of one of the greatest men of our generation. Having said that this video is not about Russell Brand at all it is about the message and that message has never been more simple, its LOVE.

  • Leon (17) November 29, 2013

    This guy is potentially evangelising spirituality.

  • Tom (187) December 24, 2013

    I like alot of what he is saying, but when he says that we can’t feel this power with our logical minds but we can feel it within the emotion within us. This is where I have a problem, we can feel any sort of emotion within up depending on our programming. A Christian might have a feeling inside them that their loved one is in heaven, meanwhile a person of a totally different religion like Hinduism might feel their God directly talking to them and with them every step of their life. At least one of them has to be bullshitting. And that is why we can’t rely on our emotions.

  • Cameron A. R. (0) December 22, 2013

    I’m i the only one that noticed he kinda looks like Jesus… just saying.