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Terence McKenna talks about culture, 5 dried grams of psilocybin mushrooms and self empowerment, from the question and answer session of his lecture entitled ‘Eros And The Eschaton’.

  • martouk (67) September 1, 2015

    Hallucinogenic experiences will not lead anyone one inch closer to cognitive advancement. It is a mystical heap of nonsense designed to misdirect the true spiritual traveler.

    • M4G1C LOG1C14N (303)M September 7, 2015

      what exactly do you find nonsensical about it, if I may ask?

      • martouk (67) September 7, 2015

        The hallucinogenic experience is an unreliable gauge for conscious advancement. What people who take trips presume to be spiritual experiences are perceptual errors. Mysticism itself is the incorrect concept to attain any true cognitive advancement. Hallucinogenic drugs lay a foundation for false perceptions that are highly unreliable – the proof being that they leave the ingester with no permanent or long lasting effects.

        • M4G1C LOG1C14N (303)M September 8, 2015

          Hmm I do have some remarks and questions about what you say…You seem to want to throw all psychedelic experiences in one big heap and call them all eroneous. this comes across very generalizing… have you had experiences yourself that were not what you hoped for?

          Also, I don’t agree your calling mysticism a concept as it is exactly the non-conceptual that the term is supposed to convey, in my opinion…what are your thoughts on that?

          And what exactly is a false perception – do you refer to the assumption that there is a ‘real’ world that we perceive and if so, how could we ever know that world apart from our perceptions? Isn’t all perception in fact permeated with suggestion and intersubjective consensus at most?

          I myself have had very profound experiences under the influence of entheogens, and I felt very much more attuned to the world around me, rather than having any ‘false perceptions’. I have never felt quite as acutely aware of my surroundings as in some moments of supposed ‘intoxication’.

          May I ask, on what basis do you have such strong opinions?

          • martouk (67) September 9, 2015

            They are not opinions, they are observations made from a different level of cognitive perception, which is available to anyone willing to do the work necessary to achieve it. I have done psychedelics in my younger years, but not in pursuit of a spiritual mystical experience. Clarity serves one far better when seeking to attain cognitive advancement, not filtering through artificially induced states of temporary heightened awareness provided through drug use. Take it for what its worth, I am not interested in arguing the issue over drug use or not. You are free to pursue whatever path you desire, but if you are seeking higher level cognitive awareness on a permanent basis, drugs aren’t going to provide it. You will either discover this for yourself or not. You are totally responsible for your own cognitive development, as is everyone.

            • M4G1C LOG1C14N (303)M September 9, 2015

              Hi Martouk, thanks for your elaborate response. I think I understand you. You certainly have a strong opinion on the matter! I do see your view as an opinion, for in such subjective matters as spiritual or cognitive advancement, I do believe that what is true for one surely is not automatically therefore true for all :)

              • martouk (67) September 9, 2015

                It is not simply opinion. I am in communication with a few other people in different parts of the world and each of them has reached a higher level state of awareness. Although they each got there by different subjective means, the overall process for each of them was same and the outcome delivers the same cognitive result. The state of awareness is consistent, the only variable is how each of them confronted and defeated their own egos. That part is always unique with any individual because no one’s ego life experiences are the same as another’s, but removing the ego is the primary step to reaching that level of cognitive awareness. This is what Buddha did to achieve enlightenment, and the experience has nothing to do with mysticism. The so-called mystical experience is described by people who haven’t yet reached enlightenment. They can’t directly understand it, so it is presumed by those who have not yet attained it, to be somehow mystical. Unfortunately, it is those who have not attained the knowledge of this who have become the teachers and gurus, and that is where mysticism enters into the equation, it is simply an explanation created by people who don’t yet understand the process or the outcome.

                • M4G1C LOG1C14N (303)M September 9, 2015

                  Yes, it is. It is clearly your view on the matter. And you claim to be the only one telling the truth, whereas I think both your vision and mine are complementary. That being said, I do agree that ‘drugs’, as you call them (I prefer ‘psychedelics’ or ‘entheogens’), are not some magical key to unlock higher states of awareness (what you call ‘cognitive levels’), but in my own experience, they can open the doors!

                  May I ask – what made you stop using psychedelics / ‘drugs’?

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