The Song – happening right now in your brain

two of the three tracks from my new ep on diynamic. you can watch the third one (november morning) here:

  • Lowry (114) December 7, 2014

    So the song is an analogy for ‘your day is what you make of it’. The good old Carpe Diem message, basically. So I don’t get the hype. Maybe because I’m not into the actual music.

    • Irina (21) December 18, 2014

      mmmkay so… I didn’t get it either? what’s with those comments, ,,crazy”, ,,brilliant” (seriously, that’s a serious word, we should stop abusing it… just my opinion…) … no offence, the tune is alright, but I’m baffled by the reactions, those people act like they literally never heard any kind of music before this :))

      • Irina (21) December 18, 2014

        aha. well, i got that the ‘point’ of it was in the message and in the words etc… but a lot of ”WHOAAMAZINGOMG” comments were at the beginning of the song, where it was just ‘music’ (of course the commenters maybe listened to the whole song and then re-listened to it and commented :)) but i get the feeling that it wasn’t always the case). gosh, what i said sounds so damn alambicated :)) i’m sorry :( i hope it makes sense

      • Irina (21) December 18, 2014

        (also, thank you for taking your time to respond and explain ^^ i got it a bit better :)) )