The Trans-Religious Ritual

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  • martouk (66) September 13, 2015

    The rituals are not vital to our ‘humanity’ as he relates, but is the clustering of the ego within group egos, or finding ‘like-mind people’ with which the dependent ego demands a form of group identity. The ego program will gravitate to anything that 1) provides it acceptance and, 2) makes it feel good, thereby providing the ego with the necessary sense of self-gratification, which is also a form of self-validation. The ego needs constant validation, for in essence it is only a program, a faux consciousness that has deceived every human who lives under its control and which program has convinced each of us that it IS us. As a result of this, the ego is inherently insecure and filled with doubt. This insecurity makes the ego program feel small in a vast universe that it will never understand because the faux consciousness of the program can not grasp true cognitive awareness of a genuine consciousness.

    Rituals, religions, beliefs in god, the divine and sacred all represent a sense of authority to the ego program. Since the ego always has to look outside of itself in order to validate itself, the quest for mysticism, religion or god are the ego seeking the highest level validator the ego program can imagine, which is any authority outside itself that can validate the ego’s existence to itself. The ego needs external validation that it is loved, that it is smart, that it’s feeling bad about itself is warranted (the victim mentality), that it’s feeling good about itself deserves attention, accolades and reward in order to acknowledge its own prowess, that it is right (even when it is wrong), and it defends its ideas through exerting its association with the group ego as it’s source of validation and authority when questioned (well, everyone says or believes this is true ergo it must be true). When people can find the true consciousness that lies buried beneath these insecure illusions of the ego program, then they also lose the dependence on external authority which validates the ego program at every turn. One realizes that they do not need external validation to acknowledge their own worth, not even the authority of a presumed god.