Hilariously Insightful Video on Clickbait, Memes, and Protecting Your Brain From Shitty Ideas

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  • Jordan Bates (4,662)A May 17, 2015

    i’ve been thinking more and more about memes (in the broadest sense) lately and about the impact that meme-virality has on which content/information reaches our attention on a daily basis.

    when you really start to think about it, it’s kind of troubling that the most shared memes/content are not shared most because they are universally helpful/meaningful/enlightening/educational but because they more or less short-circuit human psychology, evoke a strong emotional response, and thus create in us a strong urge to pass them on. think chain emails, celebrity gossip, fail compilations, etc. this is why i often say “propagate all the ____ memes” and try to encourage people to spread the sort of content that might actually improve/nourish our inner/outer lives and societies.

    anyway, it’s worth thinking more about how memes function, and this is probably the best/most entertaining explanation i’ve ever found, so you should totally watch this video.

    p.s. the video refers to “thought-germs” instead of memes, but the two concepts are functionally identical.