Thomas Lang solo

From is new DVD : “Creative coordination and advanced foot technique”

  • Aaron (0) March 29, 2012

    Haha tits are you really into thomas lang? The dude has chops from hell but no groove! And something about the tone of his drums just doesnt do it for me. Check this groove, manbro WARNING this may swing too hard for some viewers

  • Dude get the fuck out of here. I LOVE Thomas Lang. Everyone says he has no groove but that’s not true. He doesn’t play the same funky shit for any period of time during his solos, but clearly he could if he wanted too. There are plenty of good little grooves hiding within his “wall of sound” approach. As far as I’m concerned he is the best soloist on drums. Doesn’t stay on any one concept/ pattern for too long, has a big set for a reason, has four way control like no one else, and like you said chops from hell. I’d rather hear a beat played with one half of his body over a hi-hat/ foot snare roll played with the other half, than some slow ass jazz beats. However, with all that said the shit you posted was pretty sweet, just not my style at all.

  • Aaron (0) March 31, 2012

    Word, its a matter of preference I suppose. I just take issue with how white it comes off, but I’m just as biased as anyone. Thats not to say white is bad or that black is good, I just perceive the heritage of the drums a certain way due to my experience learning from Joe Chambers. I took jazz history from this guy, and I think that there is a certain extent to which drummers should adhere to and be aware of blackness, since thats where our modern ear for beats comes from.

    “He doesn’t play the same funky shit for any period of time during his solos, but clearly he could if he wanted too”

    I kind of see it the opposite way. I would replace the words ‘funky shit’ with ‘technical shit’ and have it as a complement to a groove drummer. eg “He doesn’t play all technical, but clearly he could if he wanted too”

    There are times for both types of drumming, like a drum solo as opposed to holding the pocket. I just cant handle the white extremist drummers haha. To each his own. What do you think of this tits?

    This guy grooves with all the technical shit too.

  • I really dislike attaching black vs white to drums. That has a place in the history of drumming, but I think now it should just be about the music.
    Groove drumming is cool, but I think it can be enhanced by “technical drumming” and taken to another level. I think groove should be learned first, because it is simpler (not easier) and then you move on to the technical shit. Perfect example is the video you posted, that dude plays like a new age Buddy Rich.

  • Aaron (0) April 4, 2012

    I hear you on that first bit. I use those terms for lack of better ones.

    What I’m getting at though, is that technical drumming is great, but the more technical you become, the more linear your phrases become. The whole history of african drumming is about superimposing rhythmic figures and odd time. The drum is sacred because of the way it allows different people to superimpose rhythms over each other. Joe used to talk about how music should move more towards bands rather than individual artists for this reason. Music is about playing together, and creating melody and rhythmic phrases, not hitting 50 drums faster and faster just because you can and no one else can. I just feel thats a musical cop-out towards ego one-upmanship. Thats just me though, and I used to dig Dave Weckle and all that fusion stuff, but I just dont hear it the same anymore. Doesn’t do it for me. I want soul and groove, not as genres of music or types of beats, but as an essential aspect of how we create music. It has to do with whether the musicians are feeling the moment right, not how perfect you can be.