Why I Have Felt Angry, Sad, and Lonely For Most Of My Life

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. J. Krishnamurti The intention of this video is to shed light on why so many people today feel anxious, hopeless, depressed, or angry.

  • kremer (4) July 27, 2015

    I’m not going to watch all of this, but I did watch the first 15 minutes. What are you going to do knowing these things? How will you use this to change the world?

    • kremer (4) July 28, 2015

      I see you are into tonic herbs…maybe that partially answers my question. I dig you store. You’d be an interesting dude to have a conversation with

  • Dhyan (37) July 28, 2015

    You seems like a okay dude
    Recently I was in a supermarket, before the shelves packed with all kinds of Japanese rice crackers. I couldn’t make a decision, I looked and suddenly I felt in the moment. Something happened, I could have stand there for eons, the seeing became absolutely holy.

    All moments are for eternal all moments are God itself.
    We try to figure out a plan, a order a system, patterns, That’s okay, and I will never work :-) have it as good as possible Dhyan

  • Brittany (0) July 28, 2015

    I did watch the entire video. So I giggled at the end when you said most people wouldn’t.

    Why did I commit to an hour of your ramblings? You’re fascinating. I enjoy the way you talk to yourself/us. You go down various rabbit holes in conversation and explanation. Always learning, reaching, expanding, seeking. Taking one thought and allowing it to flow into the context of another and another and… oh another! The weaving of connection and inspiration.
    You have a lovely mind. Troubled, like most, but damn lovely.

    There are so many points and counter points that you made here. Let me just say that not all of us slumber. Not all of us are okay with the bread and circuses. And even if your video stirs one person to wake a bit, your efforts are worthwhile.
    Keep it up :)

  • MayaLuvsKaya (130) July 31, 2015

    GMO’s that replenish the soil instead of being modified for high yields.. someone get to work lol.. I have watched the whole video and I appreciate your input. Thanks for making this video, hopefully you enjoyed it, if you haven’t enjoyed it I don’t know what to tell you lol.