World of Warcraft Addiction Documentary – In Real Life by Anthony Rosner

Like many gamers, Anthony Rosner became addicted to World of Warcraft, to the point where it affected his personal life outside the game. But with a strength of will that any video game hero would be proud of, he overcame his addiction and made this documentary about it.

  • Kevin (536) June 4, 2012

    Wellll, I can’t wait for MoP!

  • Jay (87) June 4, 2012

    Ahh today I logged back in after not playing for about 2 weeks. This game is very addicting sometimes…It’s all about moderation and self control though.

    • Ramistotle (76) June 4, 2012

      Do you also recognize that you could be doing better things? That life is the real RPG….

      • Kevin (536) June 4, 2012


      • Jay (87) June 4, 2012

        Yes I understand that fully. There was a time where I had been playing the game too much–really just admiring the colors, and the sounds, and how everything flowed together well. There were so many people too! But then I went to the beach and was able to listen to some of my favorite and most inspirational music while staring out at the Atlantic Ocean. As the sun beamed on my face and I walked around the beach town I realized that I was playing the game for a change of scenery. Like I said, the game can be addicting, but it’s all about moderation. I’ve joined a martial arts dojo since the day I walked on the beach, and I’ve been on a healthy diet even before I quit playing the game in excess.

  • Goldernie (0) June 4, 2012

    So inspirational… fuck bitches, get achievements.

  • Ramistotle (76) June 5, 2012

    I may only be speaking for myself, but I look back on the days when I played, and wish I spent them more wisely. I must admit the game is very fun, but I can no longer stand the idea of enjoying being in a virtual world and achieving tasks that mean nothing, when reality is so amazing and you can actually invest that time into valuable things. I suppose what is valuable is relative though….

    WoW can be fun, but I’m glad I reconsidered where I invest my time and effort. I ended up feeling very invigorated after directing my focus to other hobbies, and highly encourage any habitual WoW player to do so.

    Jay knows.