You are GOD. God is YOU. (hear me out)

This is an in-studio performance of “The God Fractal” by Zak & What Army? with the music production mastery of Vosto. The vocal take recorded in this video will be used in the final audio version of this song that will be on the upcoming album Nonsense Sourcery.

  • Jay (52) December 17, 2012

    Cool video and great song dude. I really enjoyed it! Feels good to see someone break down convention and traditional understanding of what the term “God” actually means. Suffice to say, I like your interpretation.

  • Bobby Stills (61) December 18, 2012

    I’m confused, who am I?

  • possiblehubris (72) December 18, 2012

    Amazing, truthful, enlightened message. Occuring at exactly the same time I discovered Mike Dooley and Manifesting Change.