Zietgeist, The Movie was released in 2007 on Google Videos and has since spread like mad across the internet and conspiracy blogs. It has three parts showing the falsities behind Christianity, 9/11 and governments, respectively:

Part I: The Greatest Story Ever Told  (Christianity is a myth)

Similarities between Horus (Egyptian god) and Jesus:

– Born on December 25th

– Birth place pointed to by star in the East

Adored by 3 Kings

Teacher at 12

Baptized at 30

Had 12 disciples

Performed miracles like healing the sick and walking on water

known as “the truth,” “the light,” and “the lamb of god”

betrayed then crucified

buried for 3 days and then resurrected

there are countless other “messiahs” from ancient civilizations and religions that share these same charateristics

So why the coincidence?

1. The birth is all astrological. On December 24th, the brightest star (Sirius) lines up with the 3 brightest stars in Orion’s Belt, which have always been called the “Three Kings.” When all 4 are perfectly lined up, they point to the sunrise. So essentially the Three Kings follow the brightest start to the sunrise, or the birth of the sun/son. Get it?

2. The resurrection is also related to the planets, the sun to be specific. During the winter, the Sun appears to move further and further south until it reaches its lowest point on December 22nd. After that, at least from the perspective of someone on Earth, it stays at that level for 3 days (Dec 22nd, 23rd and 24th) and then on the 25th, it moves up one degree. Thus showing the origins of the 3 day resurrection pattern.

3. The resurrection is not celebrated until Spring around the time of Easter when the length of day officially last longer than night.

4. The 12 disciples simply represent the 12 zodiac signs, which Jesus, the god of the sun, travels about with.

5. The age of pisces (symbolized by two fish) began in 1 A.D., which is obviously the year of Jesus’s birth. There are tons of fish imagery in the bible, specifically the story of Jesus feeding thousands with only a loaf of bread and two fish. Another reference to the age and zodiac imagery is when the disciples ask Jesus where the final passover will be. He replies: ” Behold, when ye are entered into the city, there shall a man meet you bearing a pitcher of water. Follow him into the house where he entereth in.” This represents the age of Aquarius that will come after this current age of Pisces as it is represented by a man with a pitcher of water.

The film then goes on to show many other instances of plagiarism in the bible as stories like Noah’s ark and the birth of Moses are identical to stories written centuries before Christianity even existed.

Part 2: (9/11 was an inside job)

The U.S. Government had a huge part in the 9/11 attacks according to Zeitgeist. Here are the “facts” that the movie presents:

the CIA had run scenarios of planes crashing into the Pentagon and the World Trade Centers two years before 9/11

the U.S. recieved warning from the UK, France and Egypt of the plot from Al Queda

although there were 19 reported hijackers, at least 6 of them are still alive and have had no proven connection to Al Queda or the attacks. The FBI has yet to revise the list of the terrorists. Also, no evidence from the planes’ passenger log displayed any of their names, or any Arab names whatsoever

no evidence was ever found linking Osama Bin Laden to 9/11. The video tape of him confessing to the crime has a man with darker skin, fuller cheeks and a MUCH broader nose than the Osama from all other videos. The Bush family also has a long history of connection with the Bin Laden family. On the morning of 9/11, Geroge Bush Sr. was meeting with Osama’s older brother at a Carlye Group function. The Carlyle Group is directly linked with some of the world’s biggest defense contractors, who made much profit on the post-9/11 anti-terrorism campaign.

No evidence of an airplane was ever found in the Pentagon. The government reported that the jet fuel must have vaporized everything, including the engined made of steel and titanium alloy. However, bodies were reportedly found and identified. How could bodies survive, but extremely dense metal not?

all videos of the explosion at the Pentagon from the surrounding area were immediately seized by the FBI. To this day, 80 videos of the incident are still being withheld by the FBI.

Likewise, there were no bodies are rubble of any kind found at the Shanksville crash site. Just a big hole in the ground. Other documented commercial airline crashes have been LITTERED with plane parts and bodies.

The towers pancaked when they collapsed however the building was designed specifically to be able to withstand multiple collisions from a Boeing 747. Even if the floors did heat up enough to collapse, they would fall through and leave the steel body still standing. Most importantly, the building collapses at free-fall speed, as if the building encountered no resistance whatsoever as it fell upon itself.

Molten steel was found in the rubble even 5 weeks after the attack burning at 2000 degrees, which is 500 degress hotter than jet fuel even burns at. Molten steel is created during normal demolitions through the use of Thermite, which gets so hot that it burns through steel. Analysis of the steel from the WTC reckage revealed not only traces of Thermite, but also Thermate, which is a patented brand of Thermite commonly used in demolitions.

The reports of the WTF collapse did not once mention the curious molten steel

The collapse of all three WTC buildings look identical to videos of normal demolitions which destroy the center, making the building fall in on itself so that it does not destroy any surrounding buildings.

There are tons of accounts of people that felt explosions come from the basement in the minutes PRIOR to the airplanes hitting both buildings. One worker says that he felt the blast in one basement, then moved to the other WTF building and felt the same explosion come from beneath him.

Normal operating procedure for when airflight contollers become aware of a possible hijacking is to contact the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) within one minute of discovering the problem. NORAD then has fighter jets in the air within ten minutes to deal with the problem. Althought many of the 9/11 plants went WAY off course and showed obvious signs of hijacking, no fighter jets got into the sky until after the attacks, a full 80 minutes after NORAD was contacted.

NORAD happened to be running a plane hijack exercise on 9/11 so the pilots could not tell the real hijacking from the fake ones from the exercise. in 2000, Norad has 67 interceptions, 100% accurate. On 9/11, the failed 4 times.

Dick Cheney was in charge of the NORAD exercise on 9/11. Also of the many war exercises going on on 9/11, one of them was centered around a plane crashing into a building.

When Bush and Cheney were questioned by the 9/11 Commission, they did so under their own terms. Firstly, it should be noted that they were asked to be questioned separately, but instead refused to do it without being questioned together. No transcripts or recording of any kind was allowed. They were not under oath. No family or press was allowed to attend.

Part III: Don’t Mind the Man Behind the Curtain (The corruption never stops)

Part III puts together evidence that shows that the US Central Bank is the most corrupt institution to ever be created. Today, the bank LOANS money to the government with interest tacked on. So every dollar produced by the central bank has inherent debt, and since the central bank has the majority of the nation’s money, that debt can only be paid by more money with debt attached. That’s only scratching the surface though, the real corruption comes from the origin of the entire system:

– the Panic of 1907 was created deliberately created by J.P. Morgan through rumors about a large bank going bankrupt

– this allowed corrupt Senator Nelson Aldrich, who had many ties with Morgan, to head an investigation of the panic. His solution was to create a central bank so that nothing like the Panic of 1907 would happen again.

– the legislation for that central bank, The Federal Reserve Act, was written by bankers on a Morgan estate and then handed over to Aldrich. This event was so secretive that the 10 men involved used fake names in transit to Morgan’s house.

– President Woodrow Wilson was promised campaign support if he vowed to pass the act, which he did. Later, Wilson wrote in regret:

“Our great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is privately concentrated. The growth of our nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men…who necessarily chill and check and destroy genuine economic freedom. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the civilized world.”

– The Central Bank then created the Panic of 1920 by creating tons of money and loaning it out to small banks. Then all of the sudden, the bank began to call in the debts, resulting in many banks dying out, people losing their money, and more power and influence flowing back to the Central Bank.

– After 1920, people were allowed to take out margin loans, allowing them to buy stocks for only 10% of their price, plus a loan to cover the rest. This became a major trend and many people made money off doing it. However, margin loans were able to be called in at ANY TIME. So very quietly, Rockaller and other big wigs sold their stocks, pulled out of the market, and watched as thousands of margin loans were subsequently called in, resulting in another Panic. Over 16,ooo banks closed, which allowed international bankers to buy up rival banks and even huge corporations for pennies on the dollar.

Oh and get this: There is no law in existence that requires citizens to file a tax return. The 16th Amendment, which instated the income tax, did NOT have enough states ratify it to put it into law. This film interviews several retired IRS agents who back this up and have not filed any returns since resigning from their jobs. Crazy? Yeah just a little.

That was just the beginning. The third part of Zeitgeist goes into tremendous detail about the corruption of the Central Bank from its creation to modern times. It is disgusting to say the least.

These are just the highlights of the information shown in the movie, for the full story  watch the full video here.