The following documentary is the most important¬† film you could possibly watch. It’s massive implications reach across the globe and cannot be denied. It will change the way you view the monetary system, the economy and the future of this world. Its claims almost sound like conspiracy, but the evidence it intelligently builds upon rules out any chance of that.

And do not be deterred by the 2:45 duration. If something is this important, would you really want it to be able to be squeezed into 10 minutes? Let’s cast away our modern 30-second attentions just this once because this is THAT important.

Without further ado, here is Zeitgeist: Moving Forward.

After watching this, I ask you three questions:

1) Do you have any doubt with what this film presents as being inevitable?

2) Do you think their solution is a plausible? That is, do you think the world will figure things out in time to implement it?

3) What do you think is the first step in solving this problem?

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